PrimeEarn Q&A

1、What is PrimeEarn?

PrimeEarn is a limited-time snap-up event for high-yield regular financial products created by HTX based on the Prime brand. It mainly focuses on mainstream assets such as BTC/ETH/USDT and star projects. Users can participate in each PrimeEarn project with idle assets to add stability in their portfolios. For each PrimeEarn project, the rate of return, activity rules, etc. will be adjusted according to market dynamics, and users who successfully register can enjoy an annualized rate of return that is higher than the industry average. While creating a more secure and trusted platform for users, HTX provides users with better asset management options to resist market volatility risks.


2、What is the relationship between PrimeEarn, HTX Earn and Primelist?

Primelist is a promotion activity focused on new assets launched by HTX and based on the Prime brand. Users can participate in the early airdrop or low-price token sales of the project through Primelist before the launch of new coins.

Primelist differs from PrimeEarn primarily with regard to the types of assets offered. While Primelist is focused on the release of new coins, PrimeEarn is a flash sale activity of high-yield regular financial products specially launched by HTX Earn. The participating financial products from PrimeEarn are mainly mainstream assets such as BTC/ETH/USDT and other kinds of star projects. PrimeEarn activities generally last for 7 days and may end earlier than stipulated when the funds are raised. Those who successfully subscribe to PrimeEarn are entitled to an annualized rate of return that is higher than the industry average.


3、What will happen to my assets after I successfully subscribe for products under PrimeEarn?

Your assets will increase in value according to the rate of return of the products you subscribe to.


4、Are PrimeEarn products available at any time?

No, you can only subscribe during a PrimeEarn event. If the product is sold out in advance, you will have to wait for the next PrimeEarn product to be available.


5、Is PrimeEarn only for fixed-term mainstream financial products?

We will be adding new financial products to PrimeEarn in accordance with market conditions. Stay tuned!