How to Buy Crypto with Your Fiat Balance?


At present, the fiat currencies we support include:



Step 1: Click “Buy Crypto” in the header, you will be on the “Quick Buy/Sell” page.

Step 2: On the “Buy” section, select the fiat type and the cryptocurrency you want to buy. Input the fiat amount or Cryptocurrency that you would like to trade, and choose “Wallet Balance” as the payment method, and click “Buy BTC”.


Step 3: If your fiat balance is in your Exchange Wallet, you need to click “Confirm” to transfer the fiat balance you want to trade to your Fiat Wallet, if you have sufficient fiat balance in your Fiat Wallet, you will go to the page in Step 4 directly.

Step 4: Please confirm the details in the window, including the cryptocurrency, price, amount you are going to pay and cryptocurrency you are going to receive. Once you agree with the quote, click “Confirm”.

Please be noted that if the quote expires, will need you to click “Refresh” to reload the latest quote. Once you click “Confirm” on the quote page, the transaction will be completed as below.

After the transaction, you can click “View my assets” to check your cryptocurrencies.



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