HT Operation Monthly Report (December 2021)

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We have integrated HT-related information for December for your review. 


I. HTX Token Data and Events Calendar

1. Data of HTX Token

In December 2021, HTX burnt 1.309 million HT (about 12.679 million USDT), which is 40.98% less than that in November. As of January 15th, 2021, the number of burnt HT combined has reached 290.174 million.

The HT deflation rate of the month is 0.59%. Calculation Function: HT deflation rate = (1.309 million HT burnt amount * (15%/20%))/ previous period's total quantity in circulation 167.667 million HT

Aggregate HT Circulation Amount: 209,826,084 HT

Current HT Circulation Amount: 166,685,030 HT

HT holders growth in December : 9.87% higher than last month


Please refer HT burning scheme of HTX to the following: 

The Results for HT Token Burn Program Community Vote

Announcement on the Continuation of "Monthly" Burn of HT

Transaction Hash: 0xfe3b163380d8953cbe3b9a743c98bfbcc2aeb5b61ae126962d60e89a86edc265

2. HTX Token Activities of December

The HTX PrimeList event continued in December, users can participate in the event with a minimum of 300HT, the highest increase in revenue includes:UNB- an increase of 2250%, GMPD - an increase of 2690%, and DIO - an increase of 1960%. 

The HTX PrimeList event continued in December, and the number of participants continued to rise. Over 560,000 people participated in UNB, over 430,000 people participated in GMPD, and over 310,000 people participated in DIO. Users only need to hold the certain amount of HT during the event to be eligible for participating in the event. The highest income increase in this event has also risen steadily, with the highest increase ranging from 19 times to 26 times.


3. Institution Data

TokenInsight: HTX has achieved a turnover of approximately US$246.6 billion in December of 2021

According to institutional trading volume data provided by TokenInsight, HTX’s total spot and derivatives trading volume reached $246.6 billion in December 2021.

(Note: The above data is independently published by third party research institutions, HTX only quotes third-party data, and HTX is not legally responsible for the third party data)


II Business Development at HTX

1. To celebrate the Christmas in 2021 and New Year in 2022, HTX held a large amount of Airdrop events. All HTX users have the opportunity to receive the airdrop as a gift. At the same time, thank you for staying with HTX in 2021, let’s look forward to a better new year.

2. In December, HTX listed BICO, ALICE, LITH, OPUL, SPELL, FOX, IDEX, SUPER, RIFI, BNB, XTM, GODS, AURY, UNB, 1SOL, RADAR, LPT, GMPD, PEOPLE, CVX, UST, ELON, NT, SOS, WND, DIO, EGLD and other infrastructure, NFT, Defi, Web3, DApps, platform tokens, algorithmic stablecoins etc.

3. HTX Loan: On Dec. 3rd, adding Collateral Options ADA, DOGE, FIL, ETC and Removes Borrowable Assets COMP & REN. On Dec. 7th, adding Borrowable Assets SHIB, DASH, KAVA, KSM, ZEN. On Dec. 27th, adding Borrowable Assets ALICE, BICO, CERE, ENS, FTM, GALA, IMX, IOI, KMA, LITH, MONO, NGL, PYR, SDN, UNIC, WAR, WOZX to Pioneer Zone.

Margin: Dec. 22nd, Adding Cross Margin Trading for SHIB, LUNA, SOL and Isolated Margin Trading Pair SOL/USDT 

4. On December 6th , 2021, HTX Arbitrum has opened ETH deposit and withdrawal services.Specifically, HTX has completed the integration of Arbitrum One, and opened the deposit and withdrawal service of ETH (Ethereum) on Arbitrum One.

5. In December, HTX Futures launched a number of events, including the recall of SHIB trading activities for previous users, the GALA/USDT perpetual futures contract trading challenge event, the contract check-in trading activity, the AMA in 3rd party community, the contract user survey questionnaire, the Thanksgiving Q&A activity, and the contract 3rd anniversary, Christmas month contract trading activities, million dollar reward activities and USDT-standard delivery launch, etc. The total users reached were 5 million. Among all, the 3rd anniversary AMA of the contract activity results: 200 thousand users were reached, and the 3rd anniversary video retweeting activity attracted more than 2.7 thousand people and users reached exceeded 350 thousand. 

6. HTX Earn offers flexible deposit and fixed deposit of HT with 3.00% APY. During December, the users of HTX Earn has gained yield of 2.26 million USDT and HT deposit products contributed more than 50,000 USDT.

7. As of December 30th, HTX USDT-based perpetual swap listed FTM, CRO, IMX, CELR, and MINA, in total supporting 110 varieties of crypto assets, of which 52 assets supported with token-based perpetual swap, 13 delivery contracts, covering popular tracks such as GameFi, NFT, DeFi, Polkadot and storage.


 III Media Coverage

1. CGTN: Crypto exchange HTX to exit Chinese mainland by year end

On December 6, Chinese cryptocurrency exchange HTX announced to cease all transactions of existing mainland users by the end of 2021, following the move of not taking new customers since September. The mainland users can still sign in the accounts and apply to withdraw the asset. The function is expected to stay available for 1-2 years.

2. PR Newswire: HTX Launches USDT-Margined Futures, Expanding Suite of Crypto Derivatives Products

LONDON, Dec. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- HTX, one of the world's leading digital asset exchanges, announced the launch of USDT-margined futures, a derivatives product that uses USDT as the margin and to calculate profit. This launch comes as HTX Futures, a digital asset derivatives trading platform under HTX Group, celebrates its third founding anniversary. The addition of USDT-margined futures supplements HTX Futures' existing suite of derivatives products, which include USDT-margined swaps, coin-margined swaps, and coin-margined futures.


HT will enthusiastically commence a strengthened focus towards the international community. All future announcements of our HT monthly report will be in English to adhere to more international readers. Thank you for your continued support!


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Jan 15th, 2022


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