Dear users,

You are now going to deposit your assets to Heco public chain network. As Heco is decentralized, HTX reminds you about the risks of using third-party DApps:

1. Your use of DApp on Heco, is your personal free choice. HTX is not responsible for auditing any third-party DApp, and we do not give any recommendation or advice. You assume full responsibility for the use of third-party DApp.

2. Whether the third-party DApps meet the laws and regulations or relevant policy requirements of your jurisdiction, please find out and evaluate yourself. We do not provide any evaluation opinions, but you must strictly comply with the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction or related policy requirements;

3. Your use of third-party Dapps, including but not limited to legal issues, contract liability issues, economic loss issues, etc., will be resolved by you and the third-party DApp, and we are not responsible for this;

4. HTX will not share your personal information with any third-party DApp unless you obtain your explicit consent. After obtaining your explicit consent, all legal responsibilities and disputes arising from acquisition of your personal information by a third party DApp shall still be carried out by you and resolved with the third-party DApp.