HTX Liquid Restaking Event Agreement

ThisHTX Liquid Restaking Event Agreement (“this Agreement”) is an agreement between the HTX Platform (“the Platform”) and the User (“You”) regarding your participation of the Airdrop Event (“the Event”) on the Platform. By visiting and logging in to the Platform (including the API, mobile application, and other client devices of the Platform), participating in the Event, or clicking “Read and Agree”, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted all the terms and conditions stipulated herein and all the terms and conditions stipulated in the User Agreement. If you do not agree to any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement and/or the User Agreement, please stop visiting the Platform, using the services provided by the Platform and/or participating in the Event. If you continue to visit the Platform, use the services provided by the Platform, or participate in the Event, you shall be deemed to unconditionally agree to the entire contents of this Agreement and the User Agreement. This agreement is written in Chinese. For user convenience, it may be translated into various languages, which are for reference only. However, in case of any discrepancies between the translated versions and the original Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


1. Scope and Application of the Agreement. This Agreement is a supplementary agreement to the User Agreement. In case of any inconsistency between this Agreement and the User Agreement, this Agreement shall prevail. Matters not expressly provided herein shall be governed by the User Agreement.


2. Modification to the Agreement. The Platform shall reserve the right to decide, modify or alter this Agreement at any time in its sole discretion. Any and all modifications or alternations to this Agreement shall become effective immediately after they are published on the Platform or sent to the User. Therefore, by continuing to participate in this Event on the Platform, you accept the revised agreements and rules. If you do not agree to any modification to this Agreement, please immediately stop participating in this Event or using the services provided by the Platform.


3. Voluntary Act. Your participation of the Event on the Platform is your voluntary act conducted in accordance with your own financial situation and with your understanding of the relevant risks you face, and shall have no connection with the Platform or any third party.


4. Risk Disclosure. When participating in the Event on the Platform, you may obtain high investment returns, but at the same time, there are great investment risks. In order for you to better understand the risks involved, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, administrative rules, and relevant national policies, we hereby remind you of the risks in and of the Event, and you should read this carefully — the risks in your participation in the Event on the Platform include, but are not limited to:

(1) Risk in digital assets themselves: The digital assets market is brand new and unrecognized and may not grow. At present, digital assets are largely used by speculators and rarely used by retail and commercial markets. As a result, prices of digital assets are prone to fluctuations, which in turn may have an adverse impact on digital assets investment. The digital assets market does not have a price limit mechanism like the stock market, and trading is open 24 hours a day. Digital assets are susceptible to significant price fluctuations because the fundamental characteristics of digital assets are different from traditional investments, and because of the influence of a variety of market forces and regulatory policies that are still undergoing regulatory normalization in many jurisdictions. Therefore, you must understand and agree that you shall bear all the economic losses caused to you by the digital assets themselves.

(2) Policy risks: Due to the formulation or revision of laws, regulations, and normative documents concerning digital assets in various countries, trading in digital assets may be suspended or prohibited at any time. You must understand and agree that you shall bear all the financial losses caused by the suspension or prohibition of trading in digital assets due to the formulation or revision of national laws, regulations, and normative documents.

(3) Internet and technical risks: The Platform does not guarantee that all the information, programs, texts, etc contained therein are completely safe and free from interference and destruction by any malicious programs such as viruses and Trojans. Therefore, it is your personal decision to log in to the Platform, participate in the Event on the Platform, use any service on the Platform, or download and use any programs, information, and data downloaded from the Platform. Meanwhile, there are risks in using the trading system on the Internet, including but not limited to the failure of software, hardware, and Internet links. As the Platform cannot control the reliability and availability of the Internet, the Platform shall not bear any responsibility for any distortion, delay, and link failure.

(4) Force majeure risks: The Platform shall not be responsible for any failure or delay of service and any loss caused to you due to information network equipment maintenance; information network connection failure; failure of computers, communication, or other systems; power failure; hacker attacks; weather conditions; accidents; strikes; labor disputes; riots; insurrection; disturbances; insufficient productivity or means of production; fire; flood; storm; explosion; war; reasons attributable to banks or other partners; digital assets market collapse; act of the government; orders of judicial or administrative organs; other acts beyond the control of the Platform; or reasons attributable to any third party.

(5) Market condition risks: The Platform does not guarantee the correctness and applicability of market condition analysis and market evaluation. The Platform cannot control, support, or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of trading for the information or suggestions you have obtained or will obtain from the referrer or any other organization or employee, and all the risks or consequences arising therefrom shall be borne by you and have no connection with the Platform.

(6) Risks of account blocking and freezing: When a competent authority presents corresponding investigation documents and requires the Platform to cooperate with the investigation of your account, assets, or trading data on the Platform, or takes measures to account block, freeze or transfer your account, the Platform shall assist in providing your corresponding data or performing corresponding operations as required by the competent authority, and the User shall assume full responsibility for the privacy disclosure, inability to operate the account, losses, etc. arising therefrom.

(7) HTX Liquid Restaking is a service introduced by HTX, allowing users to participate in Restaking projects on the blockchain for rewards. Specifically, the platform stakes assets enabled by users in corresponding projects and helps them earn rewards. The platform conducts rigorous screening of Restaking projects across various dimensions, including smart contract security audits, code reviews, team composition, Total Value Locked (TVL), etc. Due to the increasing participating amount, the platform will no longer be liable for losses of assets you've enabled for the event, resulting from abnormal risk events such as smart contract vulnerabilities in on-chain projects, hacker incidents, suspension or termination of services by third-party platforms, or business closures. Assets that you've not enabled or have already exited HTX Liquid Restaking will remain unaffected in the event of on-chain risks.

(8) Other risks: You shall be solely liable for any loss in the following circumstances: (a) losses caused by losing your account, forgetting your password, your improper operation and wrong investment decisions, etc.; (b) losses caused by online entrustment, failure to exit in time after hot key operation, malicious operation by others; (c) losses caused by the leveraged trading by others on your behalf on the Website; and (d) losses caused by any other accident and not attributable to the Platform.

Note: If you participate in the Event on the Platform, you shall evaluate the value and risks of digital assets investment and your own financial conditions and risk tolerance, and be aware of the risks of investing in digital assets. When you invest in digital assets, there is both the possibility of you making a profit and the possibility of you making a loss. The risk disclosure herein does not reveal all the risks in the Event. Please be sure to have a clear understanding of the foregoing. There are risks in the market; be cautious in investment.


5. Delay, suspension, termination, or unexpected execution of the HTX services may occur due to network delays, computer system failures, and other force majeure. HTX shall exercise reasonable effort to ensure, but does not guarantee, that the HTX services execution system runs stably and effectively. HTX shall bear no responsibility where the outcome of execution does not match your expectations due to the above factors.


6. The Event is designed for HTX registered users, aiming to offer cryptocurrency airdrops. Users participate in the Event by registering to receive airdrops and other rewards provided by the Platform in the future.


7. Event Type

This agreement applies to the event where HTX distributes airdrop and cryptocurrency rewards to participants.


8. Event Rules

8.1 The start time, reward distribution time, airdrop amount, and reward amount vary for each round of the Event. For details, please refer to the rules of each round of the event.

8.2 Airdrop and cryptocurrency rewards will be credited to participants' HTX accounts.

8.3 During the Event, your assets on the Platform will always be safeguarded, and the earnings will be distributed in the form of rewards. HTX will fully bear any potential losses that may occur, providing you with a worry-free participation experience.



9. Service of Notice. Any notice, consent or other correspondence required or permitted by this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been legally served if: (1) sent as a message within the HTX platform; (2) sent via email or SMS, in which case the time of sending shall be the time of delivery.


10. Other. This Agreement is in the form of an electronic agreement, and the User shall carefully read, acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement before operation. If any provision of this Agreement violates the relevant laws and regulations, that provision shall be deemed invalid; however, such invalid provision shall not affect the validity of other provisions of this Agreement.