A Guide to Using Infinity Grid Bot on HTX App

1. Two ways to set up an Infinity Grid bot

After logging into the HTX app, you can set up an Infinity Grid bot in two ways:

1)      HTX app > ‘HTX’ > ‘Trading Bot’

2)      HTX app > ‘Trade’ > ‘Trading Bot’


2. Create an Infinity Grid bot strategy

Select ‘Create Strategy’ on the Trading Bot page, then select ‘Infinity Grid’ on the next screen


●    Clone mode

We have listed the Top 20 of 4 different strategy leaderboards, you can view the details by clicking each of the strategies you are interested in, and apply the strategy by clicking ‘Clone’.

You can search or filter strategies for trading pairs not listed. We suggest using the clone mode if you are new to the infinity grid strategy.


●    Customize mode

If you have previous experience, you can choose the ‘Customize’ mode. On the ‘Customize’ page, click the options icon on the top left and select your trading pair, then customize all the parameters. Click ‘Run’ to start running the strategy.


3. View strategy status

You can view all the cloned orders and customized strategies in ‘My Strategies’. Select ‘Running’ to view current strategies and orders, and ‘Closed’ for completed strategies. You can also click the order to view more details.


4. View overall performance

Want to keep track of the overall performance and earnings of all the cloned orders and customized strategies? Go to ‘My Fund’ to see an overview of your investment. We will continue to add more features and investment details in the near future, to help you understand each transaction.