What is KAN


1. Programme Name


2. Project Introduction

The project team comes from BitKan, a one-stop digital asset investment platform providing professional services including smart trade, market data, global news, content community, and multi-chain e-wallet, with more than 5,000,000 users from over 170 countries.

Established in November 2012, BitKan has raised CNY 15 million in Series A funding and USD 10 million in Series B funding. The investors include Bitmain, IDG Capital and Lanqi Ventures. BitKan’s founding team includes former Huawei executives and Tencent product manager, with offices in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

BitKan Smart Trade combines the trading depth of the major exchanges, and the trades happen on BitKan itself. The smart trade system will automatically check multiple exchanges and achieve the “fastest trade at the best price” for users. In the near future, BitKan will keep on aggregating global top exchanges, as well as listing more top quality token projects.

In July 2020, BitKan launched Strategy Trading, and currently supports grid trading of mainstream trading pairs. Users can use the AI recommended strategies, which automatically buy low and sell high, to earn profits from the volatile markets.

KAN was issued according to the Ethereum ERC20 standard by BitKan. As the trading platform token of BitKan, KAN has been used in scenarios such as deduction of trading fees, referral commission, and community rewards.

3. Distribution

Token Price: 1 ETH= 113636 KAN
Token Distribution:
45% of the total amount will be raised from institutional investors, mainly towards early investors and cooperative enterprises;
35% of the total amount of tokens will be used for the operation of this project. This part of the fund will spend on ecosystem development, legal compliance, marketing and business development, etc.
20% of the total amount will be reserved for the core team, which will be used for team stimulation.

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