What is GOF


1. Brief Introduction

Golff: One-stop services encrypted bank, to create a light, open, and free finanicial world

2. Detailed Introduction

Golff: One-stop services encrypted bank, to create a light, open, and free finanicial world. Golff DeFi products have low threshhold, fast and smooth using experience. Multi-version, localized product design, catering to the needs of eastern and western users. 95% of GOF comes from liquid mining, no pre-mined.

Golff's three core products are Earning Collection, Financial Enhanced Insurance, and Light Lending. The Earning Collection will automatically provide a list of the best revenue strategies in the current market based on programmatic screening, so that assets can maximize revenue. The enhanced financial management insurance can realize the aggregated farm and earn of the underwriting pool and the insurance investment pool. Lighting Lending can aggregate the current mainstream DeFi lending platforms, expand the underlying assets that can be used for lending, enhance user asset liquidity, and reduce user borrowing costs. Product profits will be used to Buy-back GOF.

3. Token Allocation

5%  Early Investors
95%  Liquidity Mining

4. Token Information and Release Schedule

Private Round Price: 0.6U
Public Round Price: /
Token Lock-up plan and release plan: The token will be linearly unlocked on a daily basis 7 days after the start of liquidity mining. Unlock process will be finished in 6 month.

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