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I. Project Name:

DeepBrain Chain 
II. Project Introduction

DeepBrain Chain was founded in November 2017 with the vision of building an infinitely scalable, distributed high-performance computing network based on blockchain technology and to become the most important infrastructure in the 5G+AI era.

Humanity is moving into the age of intelligence, and artificial intelligence has been integrated into every aspect of people's lives. The Artificial intelligence troika: deep models, big data (Internet, sensors, IOT), and high-performance computing (GPU, FPGA, special chips). Individual deep models have an increasing demand for computing power: ImageNet image recognition -- 1~10 GPUs, AlphaFold/AlphaFold2 -- 100~200 GPUs, BERT language model -- 100~200 GPUs, using 1026 TPUs, training time can be shortened to 76min, GPT- 3 language model -- 1,000 GPUs OpenAI, 175 billion parameters, training once consumes millions of dollars, multimodal large-scale pre-training model -- 2,000 GPUs Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI).

The Artificial intelligence race is the computing power race: solving the problem of computing power supply and demand and rewarding computing power is imminent. DeepBrain Chain hopes to build an infinitely scalable, distributed high-performance computing network through blockchain technology to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement of AI computing power worldwide, promote the popularization and democratization of AI computing power, and accelerate the arrival of the era of artificial intelligence.
III. Project progress

1. DeepBrain Chain includes three major technical modules: distributed computing network (launched in August 2018), GPU cloud platform (launched in September 2019), and the DeepBrain Chain mainnet (launched May 2020), all of which are online and running well.

2. Realizing large-scale commercial landing, the mainnet of DeepBrain Chain is developed based on PolkaSubstrate, and DeepBrain Chain is also one of the very few high-performance computing projects in the blockchain industry to realize large-scale landing, which is widely used in various scenarios such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud gaming, visual rendering, biopharmaceuticals, semiconductor simulation, etc.; it provides many enterprises with high-cost GPU computing power, and nearly 50 manufacturers around the globe deployed high-performance GPU cloud platforms based on the DeepBrain Chain network, serving hundreds of enterprises as well as tens of thousands of AI developer groups.
IV. Project Characteristics

1. The project founder has more than ten years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence; DeepBrain Chain has been commercialized and implemented, the scale of high-performance computing power is rapidly expanding, and it is a global leader in the distributed high-performance computing track.

2. Invested by Bosch Ventures, Gobi Ventures, GBIC, Collinstar Capital Pty Ltd, NEO Foundation and many other famous VC institutions.

3. DeepBrain Chain uses blockchain technology to build a new production relationship and to innovatively provide unlimited supply of computing power; by reconstructing the cloud computing industry chain, it turns a closed system dominated by giants like cloud computing into an open system where everyone can participate in common construction, sharing and common governance, and jointly build the infrastructure in the era of 5G + artificial intelligence.
V. Token Overview

Early investors: 15%, no lock-in
Founding team: 10%, Unlocked for ten years from 2018.
Foundation: 25%, Unlocked for ten years from 2018.
Pre-launch miner bonus on mainnet: 10%
 Mainnet Mining: 40%

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