How to Buy Crypto on Quick Trade with Credit/Debit Cards (Web)

Step 1: Visit HTX's official website, click Buy Crypto > Quick Trade

Step 2: Browse the Quick Trade page.

Step 3: Select a fiat currency for payment and the crypto you want to buy. Input the desired purchase amount or quantity.

Step 4: Choose Credit/Debit Card as the payment method.

Step 5: If you are new to credit/debit card payments, you need to link your credit/debit card first.

Step 6: Click Link Now to access the Card Confirmation page and provide the required information. Click Confirm after filling out the details.

Step 7: After successfully linking your card, please double-check your transaction information. If everything is correct, click Pay.


Step 8: To ensure the security of your funds, please complete CVV verification. Fill in the security code below, and click Confirm.

Step 9: Simply wait for a moment to complete the transaction.