What is Complain and How Does It Work?

If you have a dispute with the other party during HTX P2P transactions, you can choose to initiate a complaint on the order page, and the customer service will intervene in the chatbox.


How to cancel the appeal?

When your order status is "Appealing", you can "Cancel Appeal" on the order details page

What is the basis of the appeal?

  • Relevant facts: including transaction-related records, additional evidence submitted by buyers and sellers such as transaction screenshots, remittance screenshots, etc.

If you have the following behaviors, you will be judged as malicious:

  • In fact, the buyer did not make the payment or did not pay in full, but clicked "I have paid" and filed an appeal for a decision to release.
  • The seller actually received the payment, but claimed that it had not received it, and filed a complaint to unfreeze the corresponding cryptos.

Consequences of malicious appeal:

  • If you make a malicious appeal, the official customer service of the platform will judge you to lose the case based on facts and rules.
  • If you lose the case, it will be recorded in your credit information and displayed in public information.
  • If the malicious appeal is serious, the account will be frozen.


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