Why Is It Necessary to Provide Screenshots of Fund Flows or Transaction Records While Performing Trades?

1. What is a screenshot of fund flows or transaction records?

Screenshot of Fund Flows: Income records from your bank card or other payment methods used for the purchase, typically spanning the past few days (Requirements for timeframe may vary among different advertisers, typically ranging from 2 to 7 days).

Screenshot of Transaction Records: Images of your trades in digital assets made on the platform.

2. Why is it necessary to provide screenshots of fund flows or transaction records?

Advertisers will evaluate the transaction based on the screenshots of fund flows or digital asset transaction records you provide. Sharing these screenshot materials will reassure advertisers about the reduced trading risks associated with you, thereby increasing their willingness to complete the transaction.

Note: This process poses no risk to your account. Rest assured that the platform strictly requires advertisers to maintain confidentiality of the information you provide. Please feel free to cooperate with the advertisers to complete the verification.

3. How to provide screenshots as required?

Step 1: Open the payment app you wish to use. If you're making a payment with a bank card, please open the mobile banking app linked to your card.

(1) If you do not have a mobile banking app, please download it from your phone's app store. Once you have successfully downloaded the app and linked your bank card, proceed to the next step.

(2) Interbank transfers are available for cryptocurrency purchases. Even if your payment account is not with the same bank as the advertiser's receiving account, you can still use it to complete the transaction. Simply open the mobile app linked to your payment account to proceed.

Step 2: Capture screenshots of income and expense details

Take bank card transactions as an example. Navigate to the "Transaction Details" section within the app. If you cannot find it on the homepage, most apps have it located in the "My" section at the bottom of the last column of navigation.

(1) It must display the current account balance (with a balance greater than the total amount of this transaction).

(2) The screenshot should indicate the real-name information of the account holder (account authenticated with your own name).

(3) Ensure the screenshot timeframe adheres to the advertiser's specified requirements.

Note: In cases of extensive income and expense details, filter out income transactions separately for screenshotting. To do so, click on "Filter" at the upper right corner of the page, select "All Income" in the pop-up window, and then click "Done." (If filtering is unavailable, capture screenshots of all transactions.)

Step 3: Send the screenshots to the advertiser

Go back to HTX to locate the order. Click on the chat window on the order details page, select the screenshot, and then send it to the advertiser.

After completing the above steps, please wait for the advertiser to confirm. You can remind the advertiser via the chat window to proceed with the transaction.

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