How do I deposit crypto into my account (HTX App)?

Here we take Bitcoin as an example to show how to deposit crypto from other platforms to your account with the HTX App.

Step 1: Click the “Deposit” button on the assets page.


Step 2: Select a digital asset


Step 3:Select channel with different fees it may cost


Step 4: Copy the address or QR Code, and paste it into the withdrawal page of other platforms or accounts, as your target address for withdrawal. Done! The USDT will be deposited into your HTX account soon.


  • Please make sure to DO NOT deposit other assets into this address, otherwise, you will lose them all.

  • Your deposit needs to be confirmed by all the nodes. Therefore, you may pay a small sum of transaction fee to speed up the process. It usually takes 10-60 min to receive the deposit.

  • Any deposits less than the minimum amount specified by the platform will not be credited or refunded to your account.

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