What is TOP


I. Project Introduction

TOP Network is dedicated to serving a large number of ordinary users, ensuring a high-demand user experience, and supporting cost-sensitive large-scale real businesses. It aims to become the blockchain infrastructure of the decentralized physical infrastructure network (DePIN) guided by AI computing power.

The core businesses within the TOP Network ecosystem include Web3.0, DePIN, and the Metaverse. These businesses require high transaction throughput, fast speeds, low fees, and excellent user experience. TOP Chain employs sharding technology and a three-layer network to build a powerful public chain with low costs, low entry barriers, and high throughput. This infrastructure is highly adaptable and can meet the real-time performance needs of B-end businesses.

In the current era of advanced AI technology, the lack of autonomous action and adaptability in complex environments limits the value of AI models to organizations and individuals. TOP supports the incubation of AI agent service layer projects by providing foundational support. These AI agents can autonomously act and continuously adjust through the training and optimization of specific small models to achieve task goals, bridging the gap left by relying solely on AI model functionality.

In addition to the TOP public chain as the base layer and AI agents as the service layer, TOP facilitates the development of an AI agent service layer by supporting projects and providing the necessary infrastructure. There is also a framework layer that connects different businesses. This layer includes various middleware and scaffolding for building computing power and business operations. The entire TOP platform serves both the consumption side (AI agent users) and the supply side (computing power providers). By providing incentives to attract underutilized idle GPUs to participate in computing power supply, it not only matches supply and demand but also enhances the stability of the underlying system.

II. Cryptocurrency Information
1) Basic Information
Name: TOP Network (TOP)

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