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LinkEye is a Hyperledger Fabric-based consortium that facilitates global credit alliance. Utilizing blockchain technology and the credit economy model enables LinkEye to create a shared list of untrusted profiles within the credit alliance through connecting isolated islands of credit data, creating a comprehensive, reliable credit database. LinkEye project has a huge significance at a scientific and technological level to promote the development of a global credit-based society.

Project advantages:

1.     Blockchain-based:
Blockchain is a decentralized distributed data storage technology. Utilizing such technology allows Linkeye to make sure the data is unable to be modified or deleted once being published on blockchain, building a trusted data system.

2.     Industry insights:
LinkEye is operated by a team of financial professionals with years of experience in traditional banking and Fintech. The team had developed its own insights on credit business and IT, which allows them to strategically plan and deliver the project.

3.     Success Achievements:
The founding team of Linkeye has deep skillsets in risk management, business development, and product development. Worked together for over 3 years, the team has accomplished many milestones including a credit platform with over 1,000 credit financing service providers, operating a payment platform with monthly transaction amount of RMB 5 billion, and a technology-driven microfinancing service platform serving millions of users.

4.     Resources:
The key to developing a credit union is to partner with many qualified members. Worked in the credit industry for years, the LinkEye team is able to swiftly kick-start the project generating millions of initial credit data through the establishment of a strategic partnership with credit loan agencies in China and Malaysia. The accumulation of initial data is expected to exceed tens of millions in the near term.
Token Distribution:

20% LinkEye Foundation
10% LinkEye Team
30% Early Investors
Total supply: 1,000,000,000

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