What is HTX


Ⅰ.Project description:

The HTX token, pivotal to HTX DAO, plays a crucial role as a dedicated supporter of the visionaries driving decentralized economy advancements, making it an integral part of future blockchain ecosystem developments. This token embodies transformation within the decentralized economy, enabling the realization of pioneering concepts.
Within the HTX DAO ecosystem, the HTX token serves various functions, facilitating transactions, offering fee discounts, and granting access to exclusive ecosystem features and services. HTX token holders actively participate in decentralized governance through voting, emphasizing inclusivity. The distribution strategy prioritizes contributors, community programs, development initiatives, partnerships, and platform growth.
HTX DAO distinguishes itself with the Ecosystem Liquidity Pledge, encouraging token use and voluntary pledging of HTX tokens as ecosystem liquidity for development purposes. This initiative not only bolsters liquidity but also catalyzes the growth of DeFi applications and developer activities across multiple ecosystems.
Operating without formal registration, HTX DAO functions as a decentralized assembly of token holders, emphasizing autonomy and guarding against centralized control. This structural framework fosters transparency and inclusivity within the ecosystem.
In essence, HTX token and its DAO epitomize inclusivity, innovation, and collective governance within the ever-evolving blockchain landscape.

Ⅱ.Project characteristics:

1.Decentralized, Open Governance
HTX DAO entrusts the governance to our decentralized global community, inviting all HTX holders, developers, and partners to share ideas and suggestions for community governance.

2.Liquidity Sponsorship for Shared Ecosystem
In the future, HTX DAO will receive liquidity pledges from the HTX exchange and the Poloniex exchange, while other partners and community members are also welcome to voluntarily contribute to the ecosystem.

3.Bridging DeFi and CeFi Benefits

HTX holders can benefit from both the advantages of HTX DAO and various privileges on the HTX exchange, getting fully involved in the DeFi and CeFi ecosystems.

4.Transparent, Secure, Efficient
At HTX DAO, voting on proposals occurs on-chain with tamper-proof results, ensuring fairness, efficiency, and transparency in governance.

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