Beginner's Guide to HTX Earn

HTX Earn provides you with the best options to store your virtual assets. With HTX Earn, you will constantly earn passive income on your idle assets.


We offer a variety of products to help you achieve financial growth. You can choose products based on your financial situation as each of our products has its feature.

Whether you prefer earning interest by lending assets or getting rewards through Proof of Stake (PoS) staking, HTX Earn products are well-matched to your needs. In this beginner's guide, we'll explain what each of these products is and how they work.

1. Deposit Products

Our deposit products allow you to earn rewards on your idle assets with flexible or fixed terms.

Flexible deposit products such as Auto-Invest can be subscribed to and redeemed at any time, allowing you to maintain the liquidity of your assets while earning daily rewards.

Fixed deposit products including Fixed and NewList provide higher returns in exchange for your commitment to not redeem your assets before the scheduled redemption date. However, you can always choose to redeem your assets at any time before the redemption date, resulting in forgoing all rewards generated.

So, why not earn rewards on your assets through the deposit products if you have some money in your spot account? Let your assets work harder for you!

Please note that your earnings will not be calculated from the day you subscribe to a HTX Earn product. That means your earnings start to accrue from the second day of your subscription.





2. Dual Investment

HTX Dual Investment is a type of structured product allowing users to earn high returns by investing in a combination of stablecoin and cryptocurrency. It allows you to improve your savings income while minimizing the risk caused by price fluctuations.

By using Dual Investment products, you can earn immediate interest and receive one of the two currencies at maturity.



3. Staking & Voting



You can hold PoS coins in your account and invest them in Staking & Voting projects to earn high returns. Dual Investment products are in essence the same as Auto-Invest and fixed-term products, which reward you for providing liquidity via staking your assets.

4. ETH 2.0


HTX ETH 2.0 is committed to providing users with one-click staking and effortlessly high-yield earning services. The amount of ETH you stake will be guaranteed without the risk of slashing. After staking ETH, HTX will distribute BETH to you as the only staking certificate at a 1:1 ratio. This way, you can fully utilize the liquidity of your assets while earning ETH staking rewards. During the staking period, the daily rewards in BETH will be credited to your spot account based on your BETH holdings.

According to the current ETH 2.0 staking rules, staked ETH cannot freely be withdrawn. The staked ETH is locked on the smart contract, and it is expected to be gradually withdrawable after the Shanghai upgrade.


Earning income through financial products has never been easier than you do on HTX Earn while the returns can be quite substantial. Multiple Earn products await you to explore based on your investment preferences. Your assets will enjoy continuous compound growth if you choose more of our products.