How To Remove 2FA on Phone (SMS)

Disabling SMS 2FA Via Web

1. At the HTX website, login to your account and navigate to the top-right corner, click on your Account Center->select “Account & Security” in drop-down selection menu (see screenshot below). Alternatively, directly access via link


2. It should be noted that it is necessary to turn on other 2FA settings such as email or GA verification after disabling SMS 2FA features to secure login, withdrawal, password retrieval, security setting modification and API management functions.


3. System will prompt user for their current 2FA security verification code (either SMS, email &/or GA depending on user’s current 2FA settings) before allowing user to successfully turn off their phone (SMS) verification feature. Note: System will prompt for voice verification code if user attempts to click and receive SMS verification code more than one(1) time. If this happens, kindly wait on standby for the voice verification call.

Point to note

1. Voice verification feature is only available on the WEB UI. The HTX mobile APP software does not have this feature.

2. Users will not be able to effect withdrawals for at least 24hrs post changes made to their 2FA settings.