Bitex Migration User Q&A

Q1:Can not find the entrance to retrieve my account?

A1:We will guide you through the login process to complete the application

1. Log in to your account

Enter Enter your email and log in with a OTP.

2. Set new password

3. Bind new GA

4. Verify your identity

Submit sufficient information to prove that you are the account owner.

5. Log in to HTX after approval

After the review is approved, you will receive an Email and you can use the new password and GA to log in to HTX.

Enter Enter your email and log in and view assets.


If the review fails, please follow the reminder in the email and resubmit through the above process.


Q2:I can see the assets, but I cannot trade/withdraw coins?

A2:Due to the low security level of your account, in order to avoid theft, you need to Link GA and complete KYC authentication for L3.

1. Link Google Authenticator

After logging in, hover over the avatar and click on "Security ". Click the “Link” button to complete the binding at Google Authenticator

2. Complete L3 level KYC certification

After logging in, click on your personal account to enter the KYC verification page

3.Contact customer service to unlock assets


Q3:Can not to upload KYC videos?

A3:Please use MP4 format and make the video smaller than 100MB


Q4:The record of charging and withdrawing coins is no longer available?

A4:This is not a mandatory field. You can provide other sufficient information to prove that you are the owner of this account


Q5:Why do I need to resubmit the same information every time?

A5:Because we cannot know if the content submitted for the first time was an attacker. If an attacker submits for the first time, the new password and newly bound GA are set by the attacker. At this time, the user's own supplementary information will allow the attacker to succeed. Therefore, considering account security, we have adopted a method of resubmitting complete information every time.

Please provide as much information as possible according to the prompts to ensure that the audit is passed as soon as possible


Q6:Can not log in HTX with password/2FA?

A6:You do not need to log in with a password/2FA, you can log in using OTP.