Coin-margined Swaps Elements

Fundamental Elements of HTX Coin-margined Swaps

Contract Multiplier

 1 USD / point

Tick Size


Contract Types

 Perpetual Swaps

Coverage ratio

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Interval of Paying Funding

 Every 8 hours

Settlement Period

 Every 8 hours: 00:00, 8:00, 16:00 (GMT+8)

Delivery Date

 No delivery for perpetual swaps

Fee Rate

 Open positions (Maker): 0.02%,

 Open positions (Taker): 0.05%

 Close positions (Maker): 0.02%,

 Close positions (Taker): 0.05%


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  • As a example for BTC and ETH:




Underlying Asset

 BTC/USD index

 ETH/USD  index

Face Value (cont)

 100 USD

 10 USD

The Minimum Price Change






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[The above data and indicator contents may be adjusted in real time according to market conditions, and the adjustments will be made without further notice.]