Introduction to Dual Investment


Dual Investment is a financial product that combines both options (derivatives) and deposits (non-derivatives), to provide higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts.

The Dual Investment product is non-principal protected and generates floating earnings. It allows you to gain returns by investing in cryptos, such as BTC, ETH, AVAX, and SOL. According to the Dual Investment rules, the APR of a product is explicit and fixed upon purchase. However, the settlement cryptocurrency at maturity is uncertain. The actual settlement cryptocurrency is determined based on the market price of the relevant underlying assets at expiration and the predetermined strike price.

HTX is constantly expanding its range of available cryptocurrencies and providing a wider selection for Dual Investment.


How Dual Investment Works

1. Upon purchase, users can select a Dual Investment product, purchase amount, strike price, product expiry date, and callable price (optional).

2. After the purchase is completed, the returns generated from this product will be distributed to users' Options accounts immediately.

3. Upon the product's expiry (delivery) date, the initial investment assets will be returned to users in full or converted to the alternate cryptocurrency based on the strike price, depending on whether the product is "exercised."

All HTX Dual Investment products can be interpreted as "Base Crypto- Alternate Crypto - Dual." The base crypto is the currency used to purchase the product and the currency received at expiry if the product is "not exercised." The alternate crypto is the currency received at expiry if the product is "exercised."


Suitable Investors

1. Crypto hoarders in a volatile market

2. Bottom buyers in a downtrend market

3. Profit-taking users in a rising market

4. Long-term investors

5. Mature investors


How to purchase Dual Investment products?

1. Log in to your HTX account, and click Earn > Dual Investment.




2. Choose Dual Investment.



3. You will see the APR and strike price of different assets. Choose the coin you want to purchase (such as BTC), the coin you want to invest with (such as USDT), and the strike price (such as 23,750), and click Purchase Now.



4. If you're satisfied with the default product duration and strike price, enter the purchase amount and product duration, and click Buy.

Or you can click Other Quotations to set the product duration and strike price suitable for you.




4.1 On Other Quotations the page, you can customize parameters such as product duration and strike price and click Get a quote. If it is a satisfactory result, you can click Buy.



5. On the next page, you will see order details and the estimated interest income. Click Confirm Payment to complete your purchase.



6. You have successfully purchased a Dual Investment product. To view your purchase and earning details, please go to Order Center.








Here's how you can use Dual Investment on the HTX app:





To learn how the earnings of a HTX Dual Investment product are calculated, see The Complete Guide to HTX Dual Investment.