How to Buy BTC or Stablecoins

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It takes only a few taps to buy BTC or stablecoins on HTX App.

Open HTX App, log in to your account and click "Buy Crypto" in the middle part of the homepage

Tap Buy on the top of the page and select BTC or USDT (Stablecoin). Take buying USDT for instance.

Select a fiat currency, such as USD, to make the payment.

Enter the amount to buy, such as 100 USD. Then tap Buy USDT.

Select your desirable payment service provider (e.g. Mercuryo) and tap Buy USDT.

Tick the box "I have read and agree to Mercuryo's Terms of Use“ and tap Pay.

Once the payment is made via a third-party service provider, you own some USDT assets now.

You may check the USDT you bought on your Assets page.

Enjoy your trading journey on HTX!