Guidelines for Institution verification

1. Account Registration

1) Log in to the website:, click “Sign Up” on the upper-right corner.

2) Please register with an email or phone number and check "I have read and agree to the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.“

3) Click to verify > enter verification code > registration completed.


2. Institutional Verification

1) Click “Profile - unverified”.

2)Select "Institutional Verification" and click “Verify Now"


3. LV0 Basic Institutional Verification

1) fill out the company profile and Company key personnel information

2) Click "Submit" upon completion

3) the mailbox you've reserved will receive an e-mail indicating the success of verification.


4. LV1 Basic Institutional Verification

1)On the basic institutional verification page, fill out the company profile and upload relevant documents pursuant to the guidelines:

a. Certificate of Incorporation

b. Resolution by the Board of Directors/Power of Attorney

c. The identification file of account authorizers, directors or individuals in charge of management and leadership, as well final beneficiary who holds 10% (passport or identification files issued nationwide etc., with validity of 12 months above)

d. Fill in the company's key personnel information and upload ID documents

2)Click "Submit" upon completion.

3)In case of insufficiency of your submittal, “Approval Failed” will be displayed on the page. In this event, click “Approval Failed” and supplement the files and information to the fullest extent with prompts.

4)With your submitted documents and files passing basic verification, you'll receive an email indicating the success of verification.


5. LV2 Advanced Institutional Verification

1)Advanced verification can be conducted after the basic verification.

2)Click “Advanced certification” on the institutional verification page

3)Files required for advanced verification:

  1. Memorandum and Articles of association and Articles of Association, or equivalent.
  2. Copy of the Register of Shareholders.
  3. Extract of Commercial Register, Company Search or Certificate of Incumbency issued within 12 months. *
  4. Shareholding structure (i.e. ownership structure chart showing ultimate beneficial owner) .*
  5. AML/KYC Policy and procedures (if you are a financial institution, money business service etc.)

If you have a full understanding of the statement above, click “I fully understood the declaration.”

4)When your submitted documents and files pass advanced verification, the mailbox you've reserved will receive an e-mail indicating the success of verification.