How to Create a P2P Advertisement on HTX App?

All users can create advertisements on HTX P2P with zero commission fees. Before creating an advertisement, please complete Advanced Verificationfirst.


Text Tutorial

Five simple steps to creating an advertisement.

Step 1. Enter Create Ad Page
Log in to your HTX account, tap the 'P2P' button on the homepage, click the '...' button at the top right corner.

Then click 'Ad mode' switching from P2P order mode to advertisement mode. Tap on 'Ads' at the bottom and click the '+' button at the top right.


Step 2. After entering Create Ad page, let's say that you wish to sell BTC for USD
①    Select Fiat as USD to receive payment in US Dollar.
②    Set the Ad Side as Sell and Crypto as BTC to sell BTC on HTX P2P
③    Select the Price Type as Limit Price for the price to be fixed despite market fluctuations.
④    Next, set the Payment Window as 20 minutes for buyers to pay you within 20 minutes, failing which the order will be canceled. 
⑤    You can set the Volume and Min/Max Limit. This refers to the available amount of BTC you want to sell by this Ad and the Min/Max amount that a buyer can purchase each time.


Step 3. ‘Limits Applied’ button (Optional)
Turn on the ‘Limits Applied’ button if you want to set extra limits for the buyers. However, please note that too many filter conditions may impact the number of purchase orders you receive.


Step 4. Set the Payment Method

You can choose the payment methods you would like to pay or receive money with. You can activate as many as three types for each Ad.


Step 5. Write a Note for your Ad
The note will be a reference for the buyers before placing the order and it will be automatically sent to the buyers after placing the order.


After creating your Ad, you can switch back to the 'My Ads' page and edit or delete it on this page. You can also make all your advertisements available instantly.


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