HTX Completes Upgrade of Customer Service Page

Dear HTX Users,

To enhance the customer service experience, HTX has optimized and upgraded the customer service page as of December 25, 2023. Please ensure that your HTX App is updated to the latest version (10.14.1) for enhanced customer service interaction.


Discover the latest enhancements after the upgrade:

1. When accessing the customer service page, please ensure that you maintain your login status. If you do not have an HTX account, select the "Guest Mode". Input your email (mandatory) and, if you prefer, your mobile phone number (optional). Subsequently, proceed to access the consultation. This step is crucial for us to consistently address your needs and deliver better service. To enhance our ability to assist you effectively, we recommend providing accurate and valid contact information.

2. After logging in, you can easily get access to questions you may want to ask in this section.


Your feedback is crucial to us! If you have ideas for a new product or feature to enhance the HTX Customer Service interface, kindly share them via email[email protected] . Working together, we'll strive to elevate HTX's customer service. Thank you for your contribution to HTX Customer Service.