Why do you need the Grid Infiniti Bot?

The Infinity Grid Bot is the enhanced version of the Grid Trading Bot. Designed to take advantage of a bull market, users do not need to worry about missing investment opportunities when prices breach the upper price bound. The Infinity Grid Bot sells high and buys low on a 24/7 basis. In a bull market, it takes profits and keeps your investment at a constant value. Using BTC/USDT as an example, as the Bitcoin price rises, the bot will continuously sell BTC to ensure the BTC at hand maintains its equivalent initial value in USDT. 


How does the Infinity Grid Bot work?

While the spot grid bot places orders at fixed price intervals (arithmetic mode), the Infinity Grid Bot does so at a percentage interval (geometric mode) without the upper price bound. Whenever the Infinity Grid Bot sells high, the appreciated amount exceeding the initial value will be sold. To make things easier to understand, we will take the BTC/USDT pair as an example:

An investor holds a number of BTC at a market value of 1,000 USDT before running the Infinity Grid Bot. He sets the profit per grid as 1%. When the price rises to the first grid, the current value of BTC increases to 1010 USDT and the bot will sell 10 USDT worth of BTC. Although the quantity of BTC at hand has been reduced, its value in USDT is constantly maintained at 1,000 USDT as the market is trending upwards. Similarly, when the market declines, the bot will buy more BTC to keep the total value of BTC at 1,000 USDT.


HTX - How does the Infinity Grid Bot work?

Designed for a slightly bullish market, the Infinity Grid Bot keeps your investment constant as prices climb higher, allowing you to take profits in a sustainable way. 


How to start up the Infinity Grid Bot

Go to [HTX]-[Trading Bot], select [Create Strategy], and then select [Infinity Grid] to enter the parameter settings for the Infinity Grid Bot.


The Infinity Grid Bot provides two methods to set parameters: “Clone” or “Customize”.

If you choose “Clone”, all you need is to enter a value for the investment. The system will automatically replicate the cloned trader's “Profit-per-grid” for the copy trading.

If you choose “Customize”, there are two parameters that need to be set as listed below:

  • Profit-per-grid: The profit to be gained after each grid trade (after deducting the handling fee)
  • Investment: The amount you plan to invest. There is a minimum investment amount related to the set profit per grid, due to the minimum trading volume requirement for each token.

Definition of Parameters
  • Investment amount: Total amount of funds put into the bot
  • Total P/L: Grid profit+ Floating P/L
  • Floating P/L: (Current price – average entry price) * quantity of cryptocurrency held
  • Grid profits: Profits from buying low and selling high by the bot 
  • Grid APY: (Grid profits/Investment amount) / (Days running/365) * 100%
  • Total APY: (Total returns/Investment amount) / (Days running/365) * 100%