HTX to Launch PrimePool #12 on December 12! Simply Lock TRX to Share 3,000,000 MUSIC

Dear HTX Users,

HTX's twelfth round of PrimePool is scheduled to commence on December 12, 2023. Participants will have the chance to share in a generous prize pool of 3,000,000 MUSIC tokens by locking their TRX.

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Event Period:

PrimePool (TRX): 12:00 (UTC) on December 12, 2023 - 12:00 (UTC) on January 9, 2024

Event Rules:


28-day Mining Reward

Minimum Lock Limit

Maximum Lock Limit



3,000,000 MUSIC

2,500 TRX

No maximum limit


  • Snapshots of your locked assets and the total locked assets of all participants will be taken once every hour to calculate the mining rewards. The rewards will be sent to your spot account right after the calculation.
  • After the event starts, users who lock their TRX within the first hour can receive the initial hour's rewards.
  • One hour after the event's start, you will get the previous hour's reward in the next hour after locking your TRX for an hour. If you unlock your TRX prematurely during the event, you will not be able to receive any rewards for the hour when the TRX is unlocked.


Here are two illustrations for your reference:

  • The event starts at 20:00:00, and User A locks TRX between 20:00:00 and 21:00:00. When the mining rewards are calculated at 21:00:00, User A will become eligible to receive his rewards.
  • The event starts at 20:00:00. User B locks TRX between 20:00:00 and 21:00:00 but unlocks it at 20:55:00. When the mining rewards are calculated at 21:00:00, User B will not receive any rewards.



  • The rewards for the event are in MUSIC token. The amount of the hourly reward you receive is subject to the actual amount of TRX you locked for an hour.
  • Tier factors for calculating users' effective locked amount

TRX Lock Amount

Tier Factor

Calculation of Effective Locked Amount

2,500 ≤ TRX ≤ 125,000


Effective locked amount is 124,000 TRX if you lock 124,000 TRX

125,000 < TRX ≤ 250,000


Effective locked amount is 125,900 TRX if you lock 126,000 TRX

250,000 < TRX ≤ 500,000


Effective locked amount is 238,200 TRX if you lock 251,000 TRX

500,000 < TRX ≤ 1,250,000


Effective locked amount is 413,000 TRX if you lock 501,000 TRX

1,250,000 < TRX ≤ 2,500,000


Effective locked amount is 787,800 TRX if you lock 1,251,000 TRX

TRX > 2,500,000


Effective locked amount is 1,162,700 TRX if you lock 2,501,000 TRX

  • Reward calculation:

Your hourly mining reward = Your effective locked amount / Total effective locked amount of all participants * (3,000,000/28/24) MUSIC.

  • Example:

User A and User B joined the event within the first hour. User A locks 100,000 TRX and user B locks 200,000 TRX. The reward that user A will receive for the first hour is 100,000*1/{100,000*1+[125,000*1+ (200,000-125,000)*0.9]}* (3,000,000/28/24) MUSIC.


Terms & Conditions:

  • Participants are required to complete the level 1 KYC verification.
  • HTX reserves the right to the final decision on all aspects of the event and has the right to disqualify any participants who are found to be involved in any cheating behaviors.



December 12, 2023


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