HTX Launches the Martingale Strategy

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HTX launched the Martingale strategy on the HTX app on Jun 30, 2022. This strategy will be made available for all trading pairs.

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The Martingale strategy originates from speculative games such as “high card takes it all”. For instance, if you lose in round one of the game, you may double your bets in the next round until you win. HTX’s Martingale Bot puts the core idea of this strategy into play by buying repeatedly downwards and selling all in one go. In this strategy, more funds will be used to buy in at each price dip to lower the average holding cost.

When using HTX’s Martingale Bot, you will need to decide on the total funds you want to invest and the corresponding parameters. For example, you can set the bot to buy in at a volume scale of 2 every time the price drops by 1% and take profit at a 3% yield. When this parameter is set, your bot will buy in every time the price falls by 1% and the amount of each purchase is double the previous amount.

It is recommended that you invest in popular cryptocurrencies or other high-quality investment assets. When the prices of such assets remain volatile, our Martingale Trading Bot can help you earn profit easily.

Risk reminder:

When running the Martingale strategy, the following situations may limit profit potential or cause certain losses to the user's assets:

1. One-sided uptrend. When a particular token rises strongly and hits the pre-set take profit ratio, an order to sell will be automatically executed by the Martingale strategy. In this case, users would lose the chance of making more profit in a bullish market.

2. One-sided downtrend. Buy order will be executed by the Martingale strategy when a particular token falls in price. However, if the price continues to fall and hits the pre-set stop profit ratio, the Martingale strategy will automatically close the strategy and sell your entire position, which causes users to incur losses to some extent.

3. If the underlying token is being suspended from trading, delisted or experiencing order placement failure, the Martingale strategy will be suspended automatically.


The above is for information purposes only. HTX makes no recommendations or guarantees in respect to any digital asset, product, or service on HTX.

Risk Reminder:

Trading digital assets and digital asset derivatives comes with high risks due to significant price volatility. Please fully understand all the risks and make prudent decisions before trading. Please read our detailed risk reminder. HTX will not be responsible for your trading losses.


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Jun 30, 2022


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HTX reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice. The above is for information purposes only and HTX makes no recommendations or guarantees in respect of any digital asset, product, or promotion on HTX. Prices of digital assets are highly volatile and trading digital assets involves risk. Please read our Risk Reminder text here.