HTX Staking

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Participate in on-chain staking
Earn stable rewards on public chains
Safeguarded by HTX nodes
Pro tools for real-time management

Safe and Secure

Standard Staking Protocol

Enjoy blockchain-level security with the PoS consensus mechanism

Connect to Wallets

Stake directly through your crypto wallet without transferring assets

Enterprise Level Security

Professional support for nodes and mature asset custody solutions

Higher Rewards

Reap On-Chain Rewards

Receive rewards on the network with your crypto wallets

Reward Boosts for VIPs

Level up your returns on multiple assets

Monitoring Nodes in Real Time

Choose top node service providers for real-time monitoring and higher returns
Conveniently Earn Cryptos on Blockchains

Easily participate in staking on PoS networks



4% - 6%
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3% - 5%
Coming soon



10% - 15%
Coming soon
Unlock Higher APR

Increase Your Returns

If you are
staking > $300K
an HTX Prime user
an institutional user

Enjoy Institutional-Level Services for On-Chain Staking

HTX's all-in-one multi-chain staking for years of secure on-chain earnings

Asset Security

Stake your assets without custody, safeguarded by penalty protection and insurance

Stable Earnings

Extensive experience in node operations to ensure node stability and MEV rewards

Easy to Use

Stake, redeem, and receive returns in one click with a clear dashboard to guide your investments

Open and Reliable

Continuous on-chain activity monitoring; rewards auto-distributed by open-source contracts

Mirror Our Proven Experience

Obtain customized solutions for fund custody, staking, and financial reporting

Individuals & Small Teams

Role-based access control
Staking with crypto wallets
Interface-based asset tracking
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Multi-tiered permission allocation
Signing machines/APIs
Weekly and monthly financial reports
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More Staking Options

on HTX

Simply use your account balance without on-chain operations