What is MERL


I. Project Introduction

What is Merlin Chain and MERL? Merlin Chain serves as a Layer 2 solution for Bitcoin, incorporating essential components like ZK-Rollup networks, decentralized oracle networks, and fraud proofs within the Bitcoin chain. Its primary objective is to empower the native assets, protocols, and application ecosystem of Bitcoin Layer 1, facilitating ongoing innovation and maximizing asset potential on Layer 2 networks. MERL is the native token of Merlin Chain which is used for: Staking: Staking $MERL contributes to the overall security of Merlin Chain. Collator Delegation: $MERL holders have the option to delegate their holdings with collators or stake $MERL to run their collators to secure the network.


II. Cryptocurrency Information

1) Basic Information

Name: Merlin chain (MERL)

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