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Project positioning

YeeCo is committed to being a decentralized, high-performance Internet infrastructure that allows value to circulate freely in the Internet of all things that’s constructed through 5G. 

Project Introduction

The combination of YeeCo blockchain with artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and 5G technology is expected to promote the development of smart healthcare, smart transportation, smart cities, digital society, and asset tokenization.
YeeCo has developed an innovative and high-performance “shard+layer” architecture that adopts full-shard PoW solution and CRFG, YeeCo’s original final deterministic technique, to solve efficiency and security problems in the cross-shard and cross-chain transactions.
Project Highlights
YeeCo (YEE) eco partners include YeeCall, RawPool, Banko, Y-Talk, etc. The eco-partners work together to build an ecosystem around the YeeCo public chain from multiple dimensions.
1. YeeCo(YEE) is a competitive team possessing a number of cooperation partners. Our chief partner YeeCall is an international Internet company with its headquarter located in Singapore. Meanwhile, it is the global strategic cooperation partner of Facebook and Google. And we also have built cooperation partnership with more 10 companies, each of which has more than one hundred million global users.
YeeCall has established a communication network covering 227 countries and more than 1000 operators. It has 5 data centers and more than 400 relay nodes, which makes it possible for efficient transmission of 70% data traffic through P2P mode. Now it is in the process of update to a loT compatible network.
2. Banko Wallet is a “on-chain + off-chain” multi-chain wallet which is both secure and easy to use. Banko Wallet supports BTC, ETH, TRX, ONT, and many other main chain assets,and more than 2,000 tokens built on these networks.Banko Wallet provide a variety of digital wealth enhancement solutions, intelligent trading decisions,and a rich DApp app store which has 200+multi-chain DAPP operating.Banko Wallet committed to providing one-stop digital asset management and services to users around the world.
3. Rawpool is aworld's leading digital currency mining platform.Since its inception in February 2018,Rawpool With the help of simple and quick operation, safe and stable performance, rich and transparent revenue, high quality and efficient service, it has won the support of many users.Rawpool Support multi-chain mode, multi-account management, FPPS settlement mode,in September 2018, it jumped to the BCH's largest mining pool with 27.8% of the total network.
A global one-stop mining solutions provider with product services including sub-mineral pools, private mining pools and mining services.As a member of the Yee Ecology,Rawpool Rawpool will support the mining business of YEE public chain in the future,and provide efficient and secure technical support for the public chain PoW ecosystem.
Token Profile and Distribution

20% Presell
15% Founding team
25% foundation
10% Partners
Currency division

Innovation zone

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