What is WTC


1. Programme Name

Waltonchain (WTC)

2. Project Introduction

Walton Chain uniquely combines blockchain technology with RFID technology, and is committed to advancing the concept of blockchain technology from the Internet to the Internet of Things to realize the value of the Internet of Things. The purpose of the Walton chain is to build a foundation commercial ecological public chain, in which merchants can build a variety of sub-chains according to their own needs. The main feature of this commercial eco-chain is that all data (including property rights attribution data, commodity circulation data, etc.) is reliable, immutable, is timestamped, so that a business ecosystem with integrity and reliability can be established. The team plans to use its proprietary card reader chip and tag chip to enable fast upload of physical good data to the chain throughout the supply chain process. The removal of human interference minimizes the possibility of data tampering. This has the means to achieve traceability and monitoring of the flow status of each commodity.

3. Distribution

Token Distribution:
ICO:                    35%
Mining:                30%
Angel Investor:    5%
Foundation:         20%
Team Holdings:   10%
4. Token Refund Detail

Reason for Refund:  Policy reasons
Refund Period:       before 25 September 2017 12:00
Lockup till:              30 September 2018  
Management of Token Refund: This portion of WTC continues to be part of the WTC market circulation amount. Refunded WaltonChain (WTC) tokens will be locked for 1 year and will be unlocked starting 30 September 2018. Refunded tokens will be used to further develop WaltonChain eco-system in accordance with the Foundation’s decision and community feedback, and will have no impact to the total supply of WTC which remains at 70million.

5. Zone

New Zone

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