What is TON


TON (The Open Network)

The Open Network is a third-generation layer-1 proof-of-stake blockchain.

I. Project Introduction

TON is a fully operational Layer-1 Proof-of-Stake blockchain. TON is designed to naturally grow to handle millions of transactions per second and accommodate billions of users, smart-contracts and decentralized applications thanks to its unlimited horizontal scalability that actually works right now. TON can incorporate other blockchains and link them to each other. The resulting network structure will allow blockchains to easily exchange data and access files and websites from the Internet. TON enables the creation of fully decentralized applications within its own ecosystem. TON technology is based on blockchain introduced by Telegram in 2018, which is now maintained by The Open Network Community.

The goal of TON is to connect all existing blockchains and the Internet into a new unified network and to create a Web 3.0-Internet which includes decentralized storage, I2P network, instant payments, and user-friendly Daaps.

II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: TON (The Open Network)

Total supply: 5,047,558,528

Tokens in Circulation: 4,473,771,857

Price for early investors: All tokens were distributed through POW mining

III. Related Links

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Note: The project introduction comes from the materials published or provided by the official project team, which is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. HTX does not take responsibility for any resulting direct or indirect losses.

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