What is STT


I. Project Introduction

Statter Network is the world’s first full-service public blockchain platform for the metaverse ecosystem. It aims to build a high-performance and high secure infrastructure for metaverse developers, creators and players.
Centering on the infrastructure positioning, Statter innovatively created drag-and-drop technology for public blockchain generation, with which developers could build new public blockchains as easily as playing with LEGO. The drag-and-drop public blockchain generation technology satisfies metaverse application's demands for a multi-functional public blockchain; research and develop DID aggregation protocols to achieve interoperability of cross-chain digital identities; with the scalability of Sharding and DAG technology, it achieves 100,000 TPS on the main chain and transactions are confirmed within seconds; adopts a multi-layer structure with high cohesion and low coupling; and supports parallel multi-chain and multi-consensus.

II. Token Information
1) Basic Information
Token name: STT
Total supply: 99,994,281 STT

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