What is SHIDO


I. Project Introduction

Shido Network is a leading Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake Blockchain with superior speed and infinite scalability. Shido Network is seamlessly interoperable between Cosmos, EVM and CosmWasm enabling developers to choose environment.

II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: SHIDO

Total supply: 13,000,000,000(October 26, 2023)

Tokens in Circulation: 12,000,000,000(October 26, 2023)

III. Related Links

Official Website:

Whitepaper Link:

Blockchain explorer Links:

Community Related links:;;

Note: The project introduction comes from the materials published or provided by the official project team, which is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. HTX does not take responsibility for any resulting direct or indirect losses.

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