What is SEELE


1. Programme Name

Seele (Seele)

2. Project Introduction

Seele is a fourth generation blockchain.

The development of blockchain still has many unsolved problems. For example, security,energy consumption, and transaction speed all can’t be taken into account at the same time. It can’t meet the requirements of large-scale production deployment in terms of performance and doesn’t support the level of service diversification. Seele aims to solve these problems.

Seele created the “Neural Consensus Algorithm”. It transforms the consensus problem into an asynchronous request process and data sorting in large-scale environment based on “micro-real numbers”. It will ensure not only safety and low energy consumption, but also strong linear augment-ability, performance is linearly accelerated as the node size increases.

Seele also created the “Heterogeneous Forest Network”. Heterogeneous forest networks consist of different subnets. Each subnet can be seen as a hierarchical tree, which meets the need of different service scenarios without interfering with each other. Also, through cross-chain protocol interactions, resources and assets are defined, stored, transferred, and converted on theValue Internet.

In addition, Seele designed the proprietary (VTP\VHTTP) and (QVIC) protocol for integration, storage, and computing. Through these innovations, Seele allows value to be transmitted securely, quickly, and cost-effectively across the Internet.

Seele looks forward to exploring the new world with everyone in the ecosystem. This is Seele (Blockchain 4.0) , the key to the new age of Internet.
3. Token Distribution

Token Sale: 48.25%
Community Airdrop: 1.75%
Development Team: 7% (Team Building, Talent Acquisition, and R&D)
Early Investors and Consultants: 3%
Foundation: 10% (Construction of Seele’s ecosystem, and Overall Community Development)
Mining Reward: 30%

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