What is POKT


Pocket Network (POKT)

Pocket Network is a decentralized blockchain API built for Web3 apps, relaying data to and from any blockchain through a network of thousands of nodes.​

I. Project Introduction

Pocket Network's lean and diverse core team is made up of best-of-breed engineers, operators, and marketers. Globally distributed, the team has been working on decentralizing infrastructure since the projects inception in 2017. Led by Michael O'Rourke and other visionary builders, the team is quickly growing to scale out the fastest growing decentralized API.

II. Token Information

1) Basic Information

Token name: POKT
Total supply: 805,169,044
Tokens in Circulation: 659,030,078 as of January 9 2022
Price for early investors:
Tranche 1 (2018): 75M POKT sold at $.01 implying a $6.5M market cap at the time
Tranche 2 (2019): 27.5M POKT sold at $.04 implying. a $26M market cap at the time
Tranche 3 (2020): 50M POKT sold at an average price of $0.07, implying a $45.5M market cap at the time
Tranche 4 (2020-2021): 54M sold at an average of $0.12, implying a $80M market cap at the time
Tranche 5 (2021/2022): $.23 - $.38

TGE Date: 05/15/2020

2) Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule:

Party   % of the total Token Release Schedule
Pre-seed 76,000,000.00 9.44% 2018
1-year lockup
Seed 33,375,000.00 4.15% 1-year lockup
Direct Sale 80,000,000.00 9.94% 6 to 12-month lockup
Direct Sale II 37,049,421.00 4.60% 18 to 48 months lockup
DAO 50,000,000.00 6.21% Immediate (will not involve in secondary market)
Incentivized Testnet 13,291,206.00 1.65% 1 year lockup
Foundation Treasury 33,292,813.00 4.13% Immediate
PNI Treasury 21,415,473.00 2.66% Immediate (depend on the Board of POKT)
MVP 1,030,000.00 0.13% 1 year lockup
Founders 150,000,000.00 18.63% 3 years vesting, 10% upfront
Advisors 39,594,200.00 4.92% Vesting, varies
Team I 91,201,887.00 11.33% 3-4 year vesting
Team II 23,750,000.00 2.95% 4 year vesting
Servicer/Validator Rewards 155,169,044.00 19.27% Minted and distributed in proportion to work done and proved. No lockups.
Total 805,169,044.00 100.00%  

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