What is LYXE


I. Project Introduction

LUKSO is a next generation EVM blockchain based on Casper PoS that will revolutionize the way brands, creators and users interact in Web3 and with blockchain technology in the New Creative Economy.

LUKSO will be using a Casper Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus engine and a Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contract execution engine. While the network will be leveraging ETH2.0's technology stack, LUKSO is a separate and new layer-1 blockchain.

The initial LUKSO Standards Proposals (LSPs) represent the core building blocks of the LUKSO ecosystem. LSPs aim to increase functionality and user-friendliness within the blockchain ecosystem and to standardize identity, asset representation and smart contract interaction. The core LSPs are extremely extensible, allowing for many new use cases, while simplifying the developer and user experience. These standards are ‘unbiased’ - meaning they are generic enough to enable new use cases that have not yet been conceived.

Another core pillar of the LUKSO Network are Universal Profiles. Universal Profiles are interoperable blockchain-based profiles which enable verifiable identities in the digital world. They allow for universal logins that make remembering usernames and passwords a thing of the past, while also giving you full control of all your virtual assets and identity. Universal Profiles simplify the onboarding process to Web3 for users, brands and creators, while also improving accessibility, security and functionality.

II. Token Information
1) Basic Information
Token name: LYXE
Total supply: 100 million
(Total supply will likely be reduced to 42 million at mainnet launch:
Tokens in Circulation: 15.4 million
TGE Date: 2020/5/20

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