What is LPT


I.  Project Introduction

Livepeer is an open video infrastructure, enabling developers to build video streaming applications. The network has been live on Ethereum's mainnet since May 2018, is run by a decentralized network of token holding node operators, and powers both traditional and web3 video streaming at reduced prices relative to the existing cloud providers.

Tags: Ethereum, livestreaming, video, web3

II.  Token Information

2.1 Token Basic Information

Token Name:  LPT

Total supply:  21,164,655

Tokens in Circulation:  21,164,655 (16 September 2021)

Price for early investors:  $0.94 - $3

TGE Date: 30th April 2018


2.2 Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule

Party % of the total Token Release Schedule
Founders & Early Team  12.350% Vesting over 36 months from network launch
Pre-sale purchasers 19.000% Vesting over 18 months from network launch
Public 63.437% Generated over 3-18 months using MerkleMine algorithm
Grant 0.213% Immediately released
Long-term project endowment 5.000% NA
Total 100.00% /

III. Related Links 

Official Website:

Blockchain explorer:


Discord chat:



Note: The project introduction comes from the materials published or provided by the official project team, which is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Some of the content may be out of date, error, or omission. HTX does not take responsibility for any resulting direct or indirect losses.

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