What is IDEX


I.  Project Introduction

IDEX is the first Hybrid Liquidity DEX, combining a high-performance order book and matching engine with Automated Market Making (AMM). The platform blends the best of centralized and decentralized exchanges, with the performance and features of a traditional order book and the security and liquidity of an AMM. IDEX allows traders to get the best spreads, avoid failed transactions, and easily provide liquidity, all with the power of real limit and stop-loss orders.​

It has 3 components:
1. High-performance engine: The exchange component is similar to that of top centralized exchanges. This design enables IDEX to match centralized exchanges in latency and throughput-- performance that is unavailable from other DEXs.

2. Hybrid Liquidity: combines a traditional order book and matching engine with liquidity pools of an automated market maker (AMM). Traders are seamlessly matched against the best combination of limit orders and pool liquidity for the lowest-cost execution without any additional effort.

3. Smart Contracts: Historically, high performance exchanges require users to custody funds with the exchange. IDEX utilizes a series of smart contracts to decentralize fund custody and trade settlement as well as introduce novel DeFi mechanisms.

Tags: DeFi, DEX, Polygon

Project timeline: 

Q4 2021 - Layer 2 launch, Polkadot Deployment, Referral Program

TBD - Leverage trading, additional L1s & L2s

Team background:

Alex Wearn (CEO) - Senior Product Manager/Manging consultant at IBM for 6 years, Senior Product Manager at Amazon
Phil Wearn (COO) - Co-Founder/COO of EtherEX in 2015
Jason Ahmad (CTO) - Standford University, Bachelor of Science - BS, Computer Science

II.  Token Information

2.1 Token Basic Information

Token Name:  IDEX

Total supply:  1,000,000,000 IDEX

Tokens in Circulation:  605,161,843 IDEX (16 September 2021)


2.2 Token Distribution and Token Release Schedule

IDEX is a private company
Company is around for 4 years, most tokens have been unlocked already.
Remaining balance is in Treasury. Treasury is currently holding 40.8122% of the IDEX tokens
All team members are on a 4 year vesting schedule with 1 year cliff vesting

III. Related Links 

Official Website:

Blockchain explorer:





Note: The project introduction comes from the materials published or provided by the official project team, which is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Some of the content may be out of date, error, or omission. HTX does not take responsibility for any resulting direct or indirect losses.

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