What is BOSON


I. Project Introduction

Web3's decentralized Commerce Layer.
Sell physical products as NFTs, everywhere- online, in-verse and on NFT marketplaces.
We have solved the hard tech problems of tokenizing, twinning and trading physical items as NFTs, so you can focus on creating innovative decentralized commerce experiences for your customers.
Our no-code, low-cost tools make it easy to start decentralized Web3 Commerce in just a few clicks.
With Boson you can tokenize and sell physical products as NFTs everywhere, including your own decentralized Web3 Commerce and Metaverse stores, and on NFT marketplaces. Redemption can be integrated into your own website, giving your brand full control of the customer experience.
With Boson, you can create phygital assets and token-gate purchases, allowing you to effortlessly develop engaging and rewarding Web3 commerce and community experiences.
"Buyers can transfer, gift, hold or trade the NFT - just like any other NFT.
The final Buyer can redeem the NFT for the physical with full rugpull protection: the assurance that either they will receive the item or their money back- all without the need to trust intermediaries or sellers, just code and independent dispute resolvers."
Boson is foundational infrastructure for decentralized commerce and has been awarded Technology Pioneer status by the World Economic Forum. As a decentralized protocol, Boson is built for the benefit of and governed by its users. Consequently, Boson only charges a minimal 0.5% per transaction protocol fee.

II. Cryptocurrency Information
1) Basic Information
Name: Boson Protocol (BOSON)

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