Notification on the Delivery of USDT-margined Swaps Cross Margin Activity Awards

Dear valued users,

The awards you acquired through “50,000 USDT to Celebrate the Launch of Cross Margin Mode for USDT-margined Swaps” activity have been delivered to your cross margin account of HTX USDT-margined swaps, please kindly have a check!


【Winning Sequence for USDT-margined Swaps Cross Margin Activity – Activity 2】

1. The hash value of the last BTC block before 23:59:59, 24th December, 2020 (GMT+8, including that moment) is 0000000000000000000aa61f8b52993ba14209561702c5aa028055cb76fee70f

2. With letters deleted from the end of the hash value, the last 10 digits in the winning sequence are 0280557670.

3. 6 users whose last 3 digits in UID match 760 are selected as lucky users.

4. 40 users whose last 2 digits in UID match 70 are selected as lucky users.

5. Users with last digit in UID value being 0 will be selected first, then the system will select 54 users with a smaller UID from these users.


Thank you for your support to HTX Futures!


HTX Futures

Dec. 29, 2020


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