HT Operation Monthly Report (May 2020)

I Business Data
Compared with April 2020, the month-on-month global aggregate trading volume of trading pairs and HTX Derivative Market has increased by 36.1% for May 2020. As of May 31, after being launched for 66 days, the trading volume of the perpetual swap in May 2020 was 207% higher than that in April 2020.

II HT Destruction
In May 2020, HTX burnt 3.425 million HT (about 13.84 million USDT). The month on month burnt HT has increased by 11.1%. As of June 15, the burnt HT has amounted to 209,012,000 HT.

The HT deflation rate of the month is 1.11%. 【Calculation Function: HT deflation rate of the month = (3.425 million HT destroyed amount * 75% )/ 230,150,300 HT】

The HT deflation rate of the year is 21.8%. 【Calculation Function: HT deflation rate of the year = 64.935 million HT(destroyed amount during the year) / 297.347 million HT(total circulation at the beginning of the year)】

Aggregate HT Circulation Amount: 290,987,000 HT
Current HT Circulation Amount: 227,581,000 HT
HT month-on-month user growth: 3.38%

III HT May Calendar: Activities & Review
1. In order to give back to HT users, HTX has added an exclusive prize pool for HT users in the Pizza Festival event launched on May 22, in addition to normal activity rewards, HT users can also receive additional rewards.

2. HT officially launched the European investment platform CurioInvest on May 22. HT users can exchange their compliant STO token “CAR Token” on the CurioInvest platform for investment or purchase of car collectibles.

3. HTX launched a new market maker assessment standard on May 20. Market makers can enjoy a maximum rate of -0.65bps Maker Rate. HT’s liquidity has been further strengthened, and the liquidity indicator of the HT/USDT trading pairs increased by 47.3% in May.

IV Recent events of HTX
1. The HTX contract officially launched the strategic and brand upgrade at the Consensus Conference on May 14. HTX DM was changed to HTX Futures, and its original community and social media accounts were renamed simultaneously. The HTX contract has now been replaced with a new logo, and a new brand official website "" has been added over the same period.

2. HTX Mining Pool held its two-year anniversary and miner’s carnival on May 11. Miners holding computing power in HTX Mining Pool can enjoy HTX VIP rights, HTX contract VIP ladder rates, and special rates for pledged currency borrowing business.

3. HTX Wallet has partnered with compliant payment service provider Simplex to enable credit card payment function. Overseas users of HTX Wallet can directly purchase and sell BTC, ETH, BCH and other seven digital assets in their wallets through Visa and MasterCard, using US dollars, British pounds, euros, Japanese yen and other legal currencies.

V Latest HT News & Plans
1. HTX launched a 50% discount rebate activity for HT holders to experience “C2C loan and earn coins” on June 5.

2. The official website of HTX announced on June 11 that it will gradually delist ETH trading pairs of some projects in the near future, and will open corresponding USDT trading pairs one after another. At the same time, it will launch a series of "HT LeDuo" activities. "HT LeDuo" is an exclusive benefit for HT position users, and will carry out superimposed airdrops or double rewards to the users from time to time with the listing of some projects or the opening of USDT trading pairs.

3. HTX Japan will officially launch HT on June 16, opening the first step for HT to enter the world's mainstream financial compliance market. When launched, it will rank 7th in the market value of Japanese digital assets.

4. HTX will adjust the professional users’ rate standard on June 16; Users can become professional ones by holding a position of 2000HT. This move will enable more users to join the HT deduction ecology, while helping professional users to make better use of the original HT position funds and further increase trading volume.

June 15, 2020