HTX Innovation Lab Invests 5 Million USDT Fund to Support Polkadot Ecology

Dear Community,

HTX Inno Labs officially announced a 5 million USDT worth of investment towards the Polkadot Ecosystem Support Fund to promote the Ecosystem. The fund mainly provides sponsorship to the developers, event organizers, content creators, and ambassadors of the Polkadot Ecosystem who plan to make contributions to the Polkadot Ecosystem.

Fund application email: [email protected].
Please include the following information in your email.
1) Applicant's Name
2) Applicant's HTX UID
3) Applicant Contact
4) Applicant company entity (if any)
5) Introduction to the application
6) Budget Request
7) Application Cycle
8) Reasons for applying for sponsorship

HTX Inno Labs will focus on sponsoring the following key areas:

1) Technical: technical workshops, project development;
2) Events: offline and online events, meetups, hackathon, etc.;
3) Content creation: graphics, texts, videos, etc., in any form, as well as Polkadot vertical media networks;
4) Projects linking to Polkadot Treasury, Kusama Treasury that has major contribution to Polkadot Ecology.

The specific amount of sponsorship and the number of sponsorship shall be subject to the notice in the audit email. The final interpretation of the above contents shall be vested in HTX.


4th December 2020