HTX ECO Chain Is Officially Launched

Dear users,

HTX ECO Chain, also known as Heco, is officially launched on 21st Dec. 2020, with characteristics such as high performance, low gas fee, and better cross-chain user experience, etc.

The Meta-transaction function adopted by Heco enables developers with better on-chain operations, of which the essence is to cover the gas fee payment, and the purpose is to reduce the cost of users using Heco services. In other words, Heco intends to subsidize users by paying a part of their gas fee in accordance with their HT holding volume. In addition, sepecial gas fee subsidy could be given for specific DApps.

Grade HT Holding Volume Discount
1 ≥ 0 0.00%
2 ≥ 10 10.00%
3 ≥ 100 20.00%
4 ≥ 500 40.00%
5 ≥ 1000 55.00%
6 ≥ 2000 60.00%
7 ≥ 5000 65.00%

Heco is divided into 4 phases: Tinder, Spark, Flame, Blaze. The first stage of "Tinder" starts on 21st Dec. 2020. The second stage of "Tinder" will start on Q1 2021, at the appointed time the public recruitment of Heco nodes will be carried out.


Risk warning:

1. All users and developers can participate in the test environment and subsequent stages of the Heco for free, and there is no charge.

2. Please distinguish between the test environment and the mainnet network. The assets generated by the test environment have no value. Be aware of counterfeit currency fraud.

3. HTX ECO Chain will announce authorization, promotion and other cooperation through the official social platform. Warmly remind developers and users to double check the information to avoid losses.

4. Please identify the official website ( to avoid private key phishing.


December 21st, 2020