Announcement on the Launch of “Quick Margin” Function on HTX

Dear users,

In order to improve the trading experience of users of HTX and enrich the functions of margin products, HTX has now launched “Quick Margin” function (Automatic Loan and Automatic Repayment). It is to achieve the loan and use of margin at any time and flexibly control the interest of loan. You can experience it on [Margin] of the website. Go to experience>

“Quick Margin” function features: loan and use of margin at any time to make trading easier
1. “Automatic Loan”: loan only when it is used, it solves the problem of assets being idle due to excess loan in manual loan.
2. “Automatic Repayment”: repay when it has been finished using, it solves the problem of overpayment of interest due to delayed repayment in manual repayment.

“Quick Margin” function introduction:
In [Margin], the original manual loan and repay trading mode adds [Automatic Loan] and [Automatic Repayment] trading modes. In this mode, when you place an order, you can automatically complete the loan and repayment without requiring users manually loan and repay.

Automatic Loan: When using [Automatic Loan] mode to place an order, the user can directly enter the amount that exceeds the account’s margin to place the order, and the excess part will automatically loan and accrue interest.

Automatic Repayment: When using [Automatic Repayment] mode to place an order, after the user’s trade is completed, the system will automatically use the earnings of the trade to proceed the repayment in that kind of coins.

Warm reminder: Reasonable operation of margin can achieve “throw a minnow to catch a whale” and earn several times profit. But at the same time, you will also bear the risk of having several times loss. Because the price of digital assets fluctuates greatly, please be sure to fully understand the risks of margin and use it carefully.

July 7, 2020