How to Use Bonus Voucher?

1. What is Futures Bonus Voucher and what are its benefits?

Futures Bonus Voucher applicable to [USDⓈ-margined contract-Cross], which is helpful for a better experience of future trading. The Futures Bonus Voucher is different from simulated trading, which means it will participate into real trading. The profit part belongs to the user, and the loss part is deducted by the experience gold and the principal according to a certain proportion.

2. How to get and use the Futures Bonus Voucher?

There are two ways to get the voucher: Tasks and random distribution.

2.1 Tasks

Go to the [Challenge Tasks] page through the homepage [Reward Hub], find the task corresponding to the voucher reward, and complete it to claim it.

2.2 Random distribution

The platform will randomly issue Futures Bonus Voucher to users from time to time. If you are the lucky one, please login HTX APP, and you will receive a pop-up. The randomly distributed experience coupons do not need to be collected by the user. They are directly sent to the user's [My Rewards]. After the backpack receives a voucher, a pop-up will appear when you open the App.

3. Check and redeem vouchers

After receiving the vouchers, the user can view them in [My Rewards] on the [Me] page, and the received vouchers can be viewed in the coupon column, and click to use them.

What are the precautions for the use of contract experience funds?

3.1 The Futures Bonus Vouchers can only be used for the trading of [USDⓈ-margined contract-Cross], and cannot be transferred to other accounts;

3.2 The Futures Bonus Voucher has a validity redemption period, and the vouchers that are not redeemed within the validity period will automatically expire (each voucher will be noted with a validity period);

3.3 After t Vouchers are redeemed, there is a valid period of bonus. Bonuses will not be reclaimed by HTX until their due date (Only the part that is not spent will be recovered) (Each voucher will be marked with the validity period);

3.4 Vouchers will be used to compensate for transaction costs, including handling fee, capital fee, and loss of liquidation; in addition, if position wearing happens, the bonus will be used to compensate firstly;

3.4.1 When the [USDⓈ-margined contract-Cros]s account lack of principal, the bonus will compensate the transaction costs;

3.4.2 After opening a position, if the account's principal or bonus is depleted, the subsequent transaction costs will be borne by the other part;

3.5 When the user withdraws the principal from the account, the bonus will be reclaimed simultaneously (the part of the bonus that is not consumed by previous transactions)

3.6 Transactions generated by the use of the trial fund will not generate commission rebates ;

3.7 When the user holds a position and the balance of bonus accounts for more than 60% of the available amount, the trial fund is only applicable to contracts that open a net direction (net position or net pending order) ;

Definition of Net Direction:

3.7.1 The margin for long orders is positive, and the margin for short orders is negative. If the sum of the two is positive, the net direction is long; if the sum of the two is negative, the net direction is empty;

3.7.2 When there are both open positions and pending orders, sum the margins of the open positions and pending orders. If the sum is positive, the net direction is positive; If the sum of the two is negative, the net direction is negative;

3.8 You can check the details of the [Available], [Redeemed], [Expired] experience voucher on the HTX App, and the checking path is: Me-My Rewards-Vouchers;

3.9 If there is any cheating behavior such as batch registration of trumpet accounts, maliciously extracting contract bonus, HTX will take back the unredeemed vouchers and the redeemed bonus;

3.10 HTX reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this announcement without prior notice.