“Lucky Number Guessing Game Rules” Based on HECO Hash Value

1. The platform will take the last digit of the last HECO block hash value before 4:00 pm on the last event day(UTC) as the lucky number;

2. If the number of eligible users exceeds the upper limit of winners, these users will be ranked by their UIDs from small to large. (the smaller the UID value, the earlier the registration time).

For Example:

1). Assuming that the hash value of the last designated block by 4:00 pm on May 14, 2021 (UTC): 0x95519f40a75c3f46d0426d5db908458b3d056b929d02b536c1c6d431ec94f093;

2). The winning sequence is as below by deleting the letters: 0955194075346042659084583056929025361643194093;

3). The last digit “3” of the hash value will be the lucky number.

4). By analogy, if the platform limits the number of lucky winners for the activity, then eligible users will be ranked by their UIDs from small to large, such as users whose UIDs are 31093, 39093, 452093, 1233093, and 5678093 shall be rewarded in turn.