Refer Friends to Score Crypto Mystery Boxes Each Worth up to 1,500 USDT

Dear HTX Users,

HTX has recently enhanced its Referral Program by introducing an exciting new reward: Mystery Box. Simply invite your friends to HTX, and both you and your referred friends have the chance to win Crypto Mystery Boxes, with each box valued at up to 1,500 USDT. In addition, you can earn a 30% lifetime commission on every transaction made by your invitees.


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1. How to participate:

Invite your friends to HTX, and you will be rewarded with a Mystery Box valued at up to 1,500 USDT when your friends sign up using your referral link. Meanwhile, your invitees will also have a chance to receive their own Mystery Box by completing trades of the required amount.

  • Step 1: Visit the Referral page to get your invitation poster or link, and share them with your friends.
  • Step 2: After your referred friends successfully register and log into the HTX App within 14 days, you will receive a Mystery Box.
  • Step 3: When your friend achieves a futures trading volume of 300 USDT within 14 days of signup, both you and the invitee will be rewarded with a Crypto Mystery Box.


Note: To receive a Mystery Box, your invitees must log in to the HTX App and perform trades. If your invitee fails to log in to the HTX App within 14 days of signup, both you and the invitee will not be able to receive a Mystery Box, even if their cumulative trading volume meets the requirements.


2. FAQs

(1) Will my Mystery Box expire if it is not opened?

A Mystery Box is valid for 14 days from the time of acquisition. After the expiration date, the Mystery Box cannot be opened. Therefore, please ensure that you open a Mystery Box within its validity period.

For example, if you acquire a Mystery Box on July 1 at 10:00 (UTC+8), it will be valid until July 15 at 10:00 (UTC+8).


(2) How can I check the number of Mystery Boxes I have received?

You can check the total number of unexpired and available Mystery Boxes by navigating to Referral > My Referrals.


(3) How many Mystery Boxes can I get at most?

There is no limit to the number of Mystery Boxes you can receive. The more referrals you make, the more Mystery Boxes you will get. Start inviting more friends now!


(4) What kind of rewards can I expect when I open a Mystery Box?

Each Mystery Box contains cryptocurrencies worth up to 1,500 USDT. You may discover popular cryptos such as BTC, ETH, HT, DOGE, FIL, SHIB, TRX, PEPE, USDT, as well as futures trial bonuses. The event rewards may change from time to time. The actual rewards when opening a Mystery Box shall prevail.


(5) How can I check my rewards?

Once you unlock a Mystery Box, rewards will be credited to your HTX account within one hour of opening it. You can check your rewards on the HTX App by visiting Rewards Hub > My Rewards.


(6) What is a Futures Trial Bonus? How can I use it?

The Futures Trial Bonus is a futures trading tool provided by the platform that can be used to offset the trading costs of USDT-Margined futures, including fees, funding fees, and position losses without a validity period. The Futures Trial Bonus will be utilized first in terms of losses and profits earned through Futures Trial Bonus can be withdrawn at any time. The Futures Trial Bonus is designed to enhance the user experience, but it is important to note that any transfer of assets out of the futures account will result in the clearing of the Futures Trial Bonus.


Event Details:

  • The Mystery Box event is currently exclusively available to ordinary users, i.e. users with a 30% commission rate. To share Mystery Box rewards with your friends, you can visit the Referral page. No registration, approval, or assessment is required, and the system will automatically record the invitation relationship.
  • Currently, HTX Affiliates and their partners are not available to participate in the Mystery Box event. However, we may open it to you in the future. Please stay tuned for further updates.
  • Inviters can enjoy both Mystery Box rewards and a 30% commission, which are not mutually exclusive.
  • Only trading volumes whose trading fees have been paid are counted in for this event. Trading volumes of stablecoins, trades with zero trading fees or negative fee rates, and trades involving the use of cashback vouchers, or futures trial bonuses are not included in the volume calculation for the purpose of this event.
  • Market makers are not eligible to participate in this event.
  • Participants who are found to be involved in any fraudulent behavior, including but not limited to money laundering, manipulation of multiple accounts, and self-trading, will be disqualified. HTX reserves the right to freeze such accounts, confiscate any fraudulent gains, and impose other penalties it deems necessary.



June 30, 2023


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