What is Fiat Trading?

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Fiat money is a currency that is issued and backed by a government and protected by the laws of the country. For example, the US dollar, the Japanese yen, and the euro are fiat money. In the virtual asset market, fiat trading refers to the trading (buying or selling) of virtual assets with fiat currencies. In other words, investors can use the fiat money native to their countries to engage in trading activities. For example, you can use US dollars to buy BTC or sell BTC for US dollars.

Unlike fiat trading, virtual asset trading refers to the trade between two different virtual assets, such as trading between BTC and USDT. Generally speaking, there are not many types of virtual assets that can be directly traded with fiat currencies. Mainstream virtual assets like BTC, ETH, and USDT essentially play the role of the "fiat currencies" in virtual asset trading. If you want to purchase other virtual assets beside the ones mentioned above, you need to convert BTC, ETH, and USDT to the target token in an exchange. That is what is called virtual asset trading.

Fiat trading is convenient, easy and straightforward. For investors who need to cash their assets, fiat trading can help these users to sell their virtual assets for fiat money easily.

Fiat trading is mainly seen in over-the-counter transactions, where users directly trade with other users while the platform acts as the guarantor. Due to regulatory restrictions, fiat trading is restricted in some countries or exchanges. For instance, some countries may regulate virtual assets strictly and discourage fiat trading. Before you embark on fiat trading, you should fully understand and comply with local laws and regulations.